Workplace Strategy: Vision / Mission

The business landscape today is “foggy” at best. It’s hard to navigate a course of action for success even when the landscape is clear. So, how do successful companies succeed?

Think of WestJet, Starbucks, and Disney. These companies take a wide angle lens view to assess the landscape starting with a deep look at their customers journey – their customers world AND their own world and how each and every employee affects that journey.  Why does their staff care? It’s because they understand the company’s beliefs, value and they understand the importance of the role they play and how it helps their company succeed.

If you are to ask your employees / team if they know the company’s vision and mission, what do you think the response would be? In my experience with companies large and small, Fortune Top 100 and startups, you may receive some blank stares, heads looking at the ground, and the possibility that a few employees may mutter out bits of it.  You may also find that the staff is not all aligned. If your staff understand the company’s vision and mission and clearly understands the role they play in achieving it chances are they will live it and when they live it the customer experiences it and when the customer experience is good, business grows leaving a lasting positivie impact on the company’s growth.

Stay tuned for more on Vision and Mission and meet “Jillian” from WestJet in our next post. 

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