The NHL and the reinvention of Rogers

Putting strategy into action.

This is what Rogers is doing. In today’s complex world, winning customers requires a different approach and in a world of commoditization, the question begs, how well do you stack up to the competitors when bringing value to the table?

The dawn of a new NHL Hockey season is upon us. This season will be different than any previous season. Yes, there is the eternal hope the Leafs will make the playoffs or even go deeper than the first round but the real reason this season is different is because Canadians will have more options to access games and NHL content than ever before, when they want, on a medium they prefer at their convenience. Rogers acquired the NHL broadcast rights in Canada for an unprecedented $5.2 billion. What started out as a media play has become a galvanizing corporate strategy evolution. This deal goes far beyond the ad dollars and content – it’s about rebranding Rogers and creating value for customers. Once a customer selects a mobile provider, the customer journey evolves and customers start experiencing the brand. Based on my experience a brand truly is the experience a customer has with it. If the customer has a bad experience or remains indifferent to the brand, that’s not good for the company or brand. In other words, it’s not delivering value and it’s not delivering on the promise it made to customers.

I love the Rogers NHL deal because pro sports (hockey in this case) delivers an unknown outcome. This is what keeps fans connected. If Rogers can deliver a superior customer journey from start (initial contact with customers) to finish (delivery of excellent content and amazing experience) this deal will transform Roger’s business for the long term.

Game on!


As a frequent contributor to local news and media, Keith McIntyre weighs in on current topics in the sports and business worlds. This week Keith provides some insight to The Toronto Star on the NHL and Rogers deal. 

For the full story, view the article here.



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