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We help companies (small, medium, large) look at their business through a different lens to achieve long term, sustainable growth with key customers. It starts with people - your people are the key to your success. BluePrince’s coaching and training methods draw upon our extensive Fortune 500 experience of inspiring and empowering team members while challenging them to try new things. Doing so allows you to bring your strategies to life and accomplish more. Our portfolio of services are customized to your needs helping you create value for your clients by addressing your client aspirations, challenges and needs. BluePrince’s range of services include strategy development and execution, project management, strategic insight selling coaching, and sales training positioning your team to be able to anticipate and deliver the best customer service experience to build customers for the long term.

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About Us

For over 30 years, Keith McIntyre has worked with some of the world’s best-known companies to help them execute strategy and grow their sales. Drawing upon extensive experience with over 15  Fortune 500 companies and numerous small - mid size independent companies, Keith and his team provide a fresh perspective helping companies grow their business by providing clarity and challenging them to view their business through a different lens. Influence and persuasion are critical for success in today’s challenging environment. Whether it’s strategic sales skill development, key account management, customized sales training, building customers for life, project management, cascading strategy through your company for consistent execution or creating a great brand, BluePrince can provide a clear vision. Keith has long term experience assisting companies like Procter & Gamble and General Mills and more recently helping GIC Financial and Pro Oil Change create a clear vision and blueprint of what the future holds.

Our Story

Meet Wesley - my grandson. He came to us unexpectedly BUT has truly transformed our family. His bright blue eyes have inspired me to look at life and business through a different lens. Wesley is the inspiration of BluePrince. He has motivated me to share my knowledge and experience to inspire others providing them with a BLUEPRINT to grow. I look forward to meeting and working with you one day.
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